Thursday, September 18, 2008

Morning Joe Appearance

A blogger just emailed me the following post:

Watching MSNBC this morning, it was clear that the Morning Joe show has dropped the last pretenses of any balance in the presidential contest.

It sank this low: Larry Kudlow came on, not as a partisan (he does support McCain), but as a financial expert, to give his take on the ongoing financial crisis. He advised against panic and said that the markets will heal themselves. He advised against comprehensive new regulation and recommended “smart” regulation that would fix bad financial practices, most specifically over-leveraging (borrowing and lending money way beyond assets or reserves).

The team on Morning Joe, including the wisecracking Joe himself, who rarely does more than make it up as he goes along, did not like it that Kudlow wasn’t throwing, either subtly or excitedly, more amphetamine onto the hysteria...

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