Thursday, March 29, 2007

President Bush was at his best in a brief news conference this morning after meeting with Republican leaders.

He made it very clear:

1) No to the pork barrel laden Iraq funding bill;

2) No to Congress’ attempt to micromanage the war and help the enemy with specific withdrawal timetables; and

3) No to the implied tax increase coming out of the Democratic Congress budget making process. (Check out Bob Novak's latest column for more on this)

President Bush is just saying no. It’s good to see him restoring conservative principles on the war, on taxes, and on overspending.

The big three Republican presidential candidates—Messrs. Giuliani, McCain, and Romney (is there a fourth—Fred Thompson?) should echo and support Mr. Bush’s “Just Say No” news conference.

The GOP must stand for getting the bad guys, wherever they are, and economic growth policies through low tax rates and clear budget caps.