Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thurdsay Night Lineup

(Please note that CNBC's Bob Pisani will be taking over the hosting duties of Kudlow & Company on this evening's show.)

On tonight's show:

A LOOK AT THE MARKETS...with Mike Holland, Holland & Company Chairman; Vinny Catalano, Blue Marble Research President & Global Investment Strategist; Stefan Abrams, Quantamental Capital Partners Managing Partner.

INFLATION DEBATE...between Michael Darda, MKM Partners Chief Economist and Lakshman Achuthan, Economic Cycle Research Institute Managing Director.

BANKING SECTOR/SUBPRIME...Robert Albertson, Sandler O'Neill Principal & Chief Strategist will offer his insights. The market panel will weigh in.

REITS/SUBPRIME...Michael Farrell, Annaly Mortgage Management Chairman & CEO, will discuss with Ellen Bitton, Park Avenue Mortgage Group CEO.

MARKET RECAP & LOOK AHEAD...Messrs. Holland, Abrams and Catalano will weigh in with their thoughts.

DEMOCRATIC BUDGET PROPOSAL...Club for Growth President Pat Toomey will debate Jared Bernstein, senior economist at the Economic Policy Institute.

Please join us on CNBC at 5pm ET tonight for all the latest Washington to Wall Street news and developments.