Monday, June 05, 2006

The Enemy is Still Out There

This story about seventeen Canadian Muslims caught plotting an Al Qaeda terror campaign is an eye-opener.

It ought to serve as a serious wake-up call here at home.

While the evidence is still being gathered, one thing looks clear: These thwarted thugs wanted a lot of innocent blood.

These evildoers had their hands on three tons of ammonium nitrate—three times the amount used in Oklahoma City, when the Murrah Federal Building was blown up injuring 800 people and killing almost 200.

Fortunately, officials from Canadian intelligence and law enforcement were all over them. Hats off to them for preventing what could have been a horrible loss of lives.

Back here in the states, we know that these monsters are already among us. We know their cells are growing. And, most of them arrive here legally through visas. (Terrorism expert Steve Emerson has been warning us about this for many years.) So, calls for tightening the borders isn’t going to keep us safe. We are already in danger.

What we need to do is get behind the G-Men who are charged with the enormous responsibility of protecting American lives. We need to get behind the NSA. We need to get behind the Patriot Act. We need to pay particular attention to the schools and mosques where these evil elements grow like weeds planning their terror strikes against innocents. And this includes wiretapping, and other forms of surveillance where necessary, like the Internet monitoring successfully used by the Canadian authorities to ferret out these latest terrorists.

All this lefty ACLU carping about privacy violations, government intrusion and Fourth Amendment violations is a bunch of garbage—much ado about nothing. And the liberal mainstream media have their heads in the sand on this issue as usual.

The fact is, these anti-terror programs are precisely why we haven’t had another attack on American soil since 9/11. They have been a tremendous success.

We need to reaffirm our commitment to unearthing terrorists here in the U.S.