Monday, June 12, 2006

Well Worth a Read

Great column by Ben Stein in yesterday's New York Times.

Ben begins, "NOW for a few words about Ben S. Bernanke, inflation, the stock market, economics and fathers."

(The best part of the column is Ben's touching tip of the hat to his father, the late, great economist, Herb Stein.)

Ben’s father Herb was a great friend and mentor of mine.

Even when we disagreed, Herb taught me enormously. He was one of the clearest thinkers I have ever met. His book on presidential economics is a classic. His wife Mildred, was also a wonderful person, and was a distinguished economist in her own right.

When I lived on Foxhall Road in Washington, during the Reagan years, they were frequent guests at dinners and Superbowl parties.

I continue to miss them.