Friday, June 09, 2006

Tipping Point?

I really like this lead story in today’s New York Sun, America Readying Major Offensive Against Al Qaeda.

As I said on last night’s program, if all the rodents are under the sink, then we can destroy them in one spot, with one action.

It makes a lot of sense; based on the “treasure trove” of information gathered in yesterday’s seventeen spot raid that accompanied Zarqawi’s bombing. Special ops troops will descend on Al Qaeda hangouts based on these newly discovered documents.

This follow-up could have a major positive impact on the Iraq insurgency, and could be a huge victory for American coalition forces.

Since almost all commentators believe the Zarqawi death (and what hopefully will be a fruitful follow-up) is not a true turning point in the war, then I am forced to believe this story could be a real tipping point.

One reason for my counter conventional point of view is my absolute confidence in U.S. military forces, their wisdom, their bravery, and their determination.