Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Immigration Polls

Some interesting results from a recent Gallup Poll that came out before the new immigration plan:

It shows that 76 percent want an immigration deal to solve the problem. And, get this, 72 percent favor amnesty.

However, 42 percent believe that illegals must leave the U.S and then return, in order to become citizens. 36 percent would let them stay here and become citizens if requirements are met.

Another 14 percent said they must leave and not return.

Finally, Frank Newport, Gallup Poll editor-in-chief had this to say on last night's show:

"We even found a poll from last year where a pollster had the courage to use the A word in the poll and still found over seven out of 10 Americans were willing to go along with it when that actual word was used in the poll. So I think it is incorrect to say that everybody is opposed to amnesty. They are not... America is right in line. They think there should be a pathway to citizenship."