Friday, August 03, 2007

"Leviathan on the Potomac"

"Add Rep. Roy Blunt to the list of Republicans who say a fall federal shutdown cannot be avoided. Here's a suggestion: Many government departments, agencies and offices should be closed for good.

The Politico reported this week that Blunt, House minority whip from Missouri, said a shutdown over the 2008 budget is "inevitable" because Democrats in Congress want to spend more than President Bush is willing .

Though it likely will hurt the party that ostensibly supports less government, we admire Bush's principle. The federal apparatus has become the Leviathan on the Potomac.

...When the federal government was shut down in 1996, "nonessential" federal workers were told to stay home. It sounds like a joke, but the fact the government employs nonessential workers is clear evidence that it has grown too big."

-From Investors Business Daily's great editorial ("Drain the Swamp") today criticizing the ridiculous growth of government.

The whole thing is worth a read...