Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"A Disaster for the Democratic Party"

Democratic Strategist Bob Shrum had strong words on last night’s show about the Hillary Clinton camp’s relentless attacks on Obama. The latest attack of course, came from Hillary-supporter Geraldine Ferraro -- Walter Mondale’s 1984 vice-presidential running mate.

Shrum thinks Democrats are courting disaster. I agree. Democrats are hopelessly divided. My take? John McCain winds up walking away with 20 percent of the Democratic vote come Election Day. (Come to think of it, 20 percent might actually be a bit too conservative.)

Here's what Mr. Shrum had to say:

“I used to work for Geraldine Ferraro. I like her a lot. But I think the comments were way off base. I think alternatively you could say, if Barack Obama had been born white, to a very wealthy family in this country, and had gone to Columbia and Harvard Law School, he’d be exactly where he is today. I just think all of this is a disaster for the Democratic Party. Race has been injected way too much in this campaign. Going all the way back to [Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire Co-Chair] Billy Shaheen in New Hampshire. Going [back to Hillary Clinton’s chief strategist] Mark Penn talking about cocaine on television. All of this is a disaster. It’s a disaster in terms of the loyalty of African-American voters, if Hillary Clinton wins the nomination. It’s a disaster if she loses the nomination, because she’s doing great damage to Barack Obama in the process.”