Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Night Lineup

On CNBC's Kudlow & Company at 7pm ET tonight:

THE MARKETS & ECONOMY...Our stock market and economic all-stars will discuss and debate all the latest news, trends, and developments affecting investors.

On board:

*Art Laffer, economist and chairman of Laffer Associates
*Gary Shilling, president of A. Gary Shilling & Co.
*Andy Busch, global FX strategist, BMO Capital Markets
*Jared Bernstein, senior economist, Economic Policy Institute
*Jerry Bowyer, chief economist, BenchMark Financial Network

Also...New York Times M&A reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin will be aboard to dicuss all the latest news regarding Lehman and Yahoo/Microsoft.

WHY NOT COAL?...Arch Coal chairman and CEO Steven Leer will join us with his thoughts and perspective on this critically important and controversial national resource.

OIL DEBATE: WHY AREN'T WE DRILLING HERE AT HOME?...Joining us from Washington to debate this controversial political and economic topic are Sen. Bernard Sanders (I-VT) and Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY).

OBAMA'S ECONOMIC ADVISOR RUFFLES UNION FEATHERS...We'll discuss how Obama's appointment yesterday of Jason Furman as his top economic aide is agitating labor union leaders. On to discuss are economists Jared Bernstein and Jerry Bowyer.

Please join us at 7pm ET on CNBC for another free market edition of Kudlow & Company.