Monday, August 18, 2008

Thoughts on McCain's Veep Choice

It is being widely reported that John McCain will announce his Veep pick on August 29,the day after the Dem Convention in Dayton, Ohio. My immediate thought is Rob Portman.

Portman is a former Republican House member who served as President Bush’s special trade representative and also served in the Bush Administration as the Director of the Office of Management and Budget. He is a strong conservative. He is a tax-cutting supply-sider who is a strong foe of earmarks and other budget pork.

As OMB director he talked Bush into the President’s first veto of his entire administration. Later he resigned quietly, largely because senior White House officials behind the scenes thwarted another Portman veto recommendation -- I believe on the farm bill. Portman has good international experience as trade rep., where he was a strong free trader, traveling the world and meeting international leaders. Portman is also a social conservative with a pro-life record. He is well spoken, a good debater, and an attractive personality.

One glitch in my theory, however, is that Portman is from Cincinnati, rather than Dayton. I am certain Portman is also for drill, drill, drill. Of course, my top drilling choice for Veep is Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who just got the new Alaska pipeline through her state legislature. But Portman would be an excellent Veep choice for McCain.