Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wall Street Crisis: Is Your Money Safe?

CNBC SPECIAL: Please join us this evening at 7pm ET for a special edition of "Is Your Money Safe?"

Our CNBC reporters, stock market, and economic all-stars will discuss and debate all the latest news and developments affecting the markets and the economy during this tumultuous time.

Topics tonight will include the global rate cut, bailout plan, battle over Wachovia, short-selling ban, and more.


*Doug Dachille, CEO of First Principles Capital Management
*Rich Karlgaard, Forbes Publisher
*Jim LaCamp, RBC Dain Rauscher Sr. VP, Portfolio Manager & Financial Advisor


*Bill Seidman, former FDIC Chairman
*Lee Hoskings, former Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank President
*David Malpass, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Treasury ('86-'89) & President of Encima Global

Also...CNBC chief Washington correspondent will deliver a report on all the latest political news and developments following last night's presidential debate.

CNBC. 7pm ET Tonight.