Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On the Road to Economic Damascus?

Stocks shrugged it off yesterday, but I’d like to commend President Obama for his three-year budget freeze plan. That's right. It gave me good old-fashioned, American patriotic State of the Union pleasure to praise the president when he does good.

Now, sir, let's join hands, you and me, and go for a full-throated spending and debt limitation approach that will last not three years, but many decades to come. It will keep us out of bankruptcy, re-balance our books and promote growth.

And, sir, let's you and I visit with Sen. Scott Brown, sit down and watch his ad of President John F. Kennedy talking about the need to grow the economy and create new private jobs by slashing marginal tax rates across-the-board for all families and all businesses. No class warfare. Together, we'll show the stock market what pro-growth really means.

And then sir, let's you and I visit with beleaguered Ben Bernanke. Let’s tell him to stop covering up bailout nation. Put all that behind us. Instead, Mr. Bernanke should be defending the value of King Dollar to give American families more consumer spending power in their pocketbooks. Now that will get the stock market's attention.

I want to welcome you sir, with open arms, back to the free market supply-side capitalist camp. It’s just what we talked about at George Will's house in Washington a year ago when you had dinner with a few of us.

And I renew my invitation to come on this show for further discussion. Especially since at least this week you seem to have abandoned your humongous spending, borrowing, taxing and government controlling ways.

Now I still remember when you told me at George Will's beautiful home that you really believed in private enterprise. It's been a long year sir. But it’s not too late for you to join Saul and me on the burning bush road to economic Damascus.

I look forward to this brand new gospel chapter in the brand new year.