Monday, June 14, 2010

On Tonight's Kudlow Report

Tonight at 7pm ET:

Earlier today, I sat down with former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker and former FDIC president Bill Isaac. We covered a lot of ground on the economy and financial reform on the eve of Congress sitting down to work out final details of the historic FinReg legislation. We'll take a look at the highlights this evening.

Also on tap tonight...a $1 TRILLION MINERAL FIND IN AFGHANISTAN is all over the news today. Syndicated columnist Tony Blankley will be joined by Foreign Policy's Blake Hounshell with a look at what it all may mean.

Plus...a look at all the latest developments in the BP oil spill with CNBC chief Washington correspondent John Harwood and CNBC energy analyst John Kilduff.

Please join us. The Kudlow Report. 7pm ET. CNBC.