Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Night Lineup

On CNBC's Kudlow & Company this evening:

MARKETS...CNBC's Erin Burnett will get us started with a report on all the latest market events and developments.

Our market pros offering their perspective tonight include Craig Columbus, chief market strategist with Advanced Equities; Don Luskin, chief investement officer at Trend Macro; and Joe Battipaglia, Ryan Beck chief investment officer.

CHINA & INTERNATIONAL...Bob Hormats, vice chairman of Goldman Sachs International and David Malpass, chief global economist for Bear Stearns will weigh in.

WASHINGTON TO WALL STREET..."Jimmy P" Pethokoukis from U.S. News & World Report will join Messrs. Columbus, Luskin & Battipaglia in analyzing all the latest developments.

INFLATION, ECONOMY & RECESSION...James Smith, chief economist for Parsec Financial Management will debate David Malpass.

RED STATE VS. BLUE STATE INVESTING...Daniel Adamson from Blue Investment Management will debate fund manager Steve Milloy, who is also publisher of

Please join us at 5pm ET for another free market edition of CNBC's Kudlow & Company.