Friday, April 20, 2007

Senator Surrender

So, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid declared yesterday that the U.S. has officially “lost” the war in Iraq. Well, I’ve got a problem with that statement. At this point, declaring the Iraq war lost is not only factually incorrect, it is incredibly demoralizing for our troops whose lives are on the line.

Reid is wrong. The war is not lost. It's still way too early.

Let's remember that this isn't the Dems' first stab at undermining our war effort. Inititally, Harry Reid & Co. were attempting to telegraph to our enemy precisely when we would withdraw our troops. That’s unheard of in the history of warfare. Now, even worse, they’re out saying the war is lost. Huh? Where’s General Grant now that we need him? Where’s Robert E. Lee?

We need to give the surge a fighting chance. We're talking about America's future here.

(For more on Harry Reid’s statement and the future of Iraq, you can check out Jed Babbin’s column over at Human Events.)