Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hillary's Free Fall

From today's New York Post:

A new national poll shows Hillary Rodham Clinton's favorable ratings sinking like a stone, and her negatives soaring - a terrifying trend for a campaign desperately trying to convince voters she's not too polarizing to be president.

The new USA Today/Gallup survey shows Clinton's favorability rating shrunken to 45 percent - down 9 points from a similar poll taken last month, and a 13-point drop from a survey taken shortly after she announced her White House bid.

More troubling for her White House hopes, her unfavorable ratings have climbed 12 points since she entered the race, and now stand at 52 percent - meaning more Americans now dislike her than like her.

"You don't see this type of straightforward pattern very often," Gallup's polling guru Frank Newport said....

Former Clinton advisor Dick Morris agrees:

...Voters are watching the former first lady in her first extended period of national exposure since her health care debacle and don’t like what they see. She appears scripted, phony, artificial, and even boring. Her ridiculous attack on Obama last month completely backfired. And her southern-preacher accent in Selma was downright scary.