Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Silver Lining

One silver lining in the dark cloud hovering above Blacksburg is the noticeable lack of anti-South Korean sentiment among Americans. As the following story in The Christian Science Monitor points out, Americans have not allowed the evil actions of one evil man to tarnish their affinity for our friends in South Korea.

As a number of South Koreans point out, this would not likely have been the case had the roles been reversed. "Anti-Americanism would have become extreme," said the editor of social issues at The Korea Economic Daily.

"People [would] throw rocks at them and tell them 'Yankees go home," said the wife of a Korean diplomat. "People [would] go even crazier here if exactly the same incident at Virginia Tech happened here but committed by an American."

This comes as no surprise. Americans are good people, a forgiving people. Always have been. It is not in our nature to hold an entire country accountable for the actions of one hateful, murderous, individual.

A final thought and prayer: During this difficult and trying time, may the healing hand of God touch all those who mourn, whose lives have been forever changed. God bless the hearts of each and every one of them.