Monday, May 15, 2006

Ending Earmarks Express Tour

The second leg of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s nationwide Ending Earmarks Express bus tour begins today.

These Fightin' Fiscal Conservatives are battling politicians committed to the corrosive process of attaching hidden earmarks to legislation. Their Ending Earmarks tour has canvassed the whole country, spotlighting sites that have received ridiculous wastes of taxpayer dollars.

Judging by the recent poll showing that Americans now think that ending earmarks should be Congress’ number-one priority, it’s clear that our message is starting to get through and taxpayers are fed up with wasteful earmarks,” said Americans for Prosperity Foundation President Tim Phillips.

The Ending Earmarks Express is scheduled to visit the following sites this week:

Baltimore, Maryland -- $200,000 for the preservation of old tobacco barns
New Brunswick, NJ -- $1.6 million for a parking garage at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital
Albany, NY -- $9.6 million for the Center for Grape Genetics
Hartford, Conn. -- $2.4 million for the Mark Twain House and Museum
Westerly, R.I. -- $200,000 for an animal shelter and dog obedience school
Hyannis, Mass. -- $382,000 for the Cape Cod / Hyannis Gateway and $100,000 for a life-size bronze statue of JFK

Hats off to these folks for fighting this nonsense..