Monday, July 24, 2006

"Can Israel Win?"

Like my friend, retired U.S. Army Col. Ralph Peters, I am a bit worried about the efficiency and success of Israel’s war effort. Ralph's recent article "Can Israel Win?" is an eye-opener and certainly deserves a read.

Here's a brief excerpt:

"...This is ultimately about far more than a buffer zone in southern Lebanon. In the long run, it's about Israel's survival. And about preventing the rise of a nuclear Iran and the strengthening of the rogue regime in Syria. It's also about the future of Lebanon - everybody's victim.

The mess Israel has made of its opportunity to smack down Hezbollah should be a wake-up call to the country's leadership. The IDF looks like a pathetic shadow of the bold military that Ariel Sharon led into Egypt three decades ago. The IDF's intelligence, targeting and planning were all deficient. Technology failed to vanquish flesh and blood. The myth of the IDF's invincibility just shattered.

If Israel can't turn this situation around quickly, the failure will be a turning point in its history. And not for the better."

(Incidentally, Ralph is a guest on "Kudlow & Company" tonight, where he and others will discuss the latest from the Middle East.)