Monday, July 17, 2006

Where Are the Dems?

A few quick thoughts here on the political fallout from the war in Israel…

Are Jewish Democratic senators willing to offer Israel their full backing like President Bush has done? Also, will this latest conflagration help Connecticut’s Joe Lieberman?

Clearly, Lieberman, an outspoken hawk, is an outstanding U.S. senator. He understands history and what’s at stake here. He deserves to be reelected. Will this be a wakeup call to Connecticut voters? Will they come to their senses and reelect Lieberman?

Another thought: does anyone in their right mind think this is the correct time to withdraw troops from Iraq?

I haven’t heard a lot from the Dems recently on this whole issue. So, where do they stand? What’s the Democratic game plan here? They haven’t said much.

The fact is, you cannot separate the Iraq war from the Israeli war. It’s all part of WW4 (as Norman Podhoretz calls it.) Syria comes into play, and Iran, and certainly Iraq.

This is yet another critical national security test for the Dems. Will they fumble the ball yet again? Will they stumble on in their notoriously weak-kneed approach to national security?

We shall see…