Thursday, August 10, 2006

"Bloodthirsty Barbarians"

(Here's a noteworthy comment posted here on Money Politic$ by one of our regulars - well worth a read.)

"...The diligent guardians of freedom in Scotland Yard, the London Metropolitan Police and MI5 have proven that comprehensive surveillance, applied with discipline, can save society hundreds of tragic deaths and deny the bloodthirsty barbarians the misplaced joy they so desperately seek.

There was one thing the Honorable Mr. Hume got wrong in his address to the world early this morning. For internal political reasons, I suppose, he stated that this was not a war of one society against another - a clash of civilizations. Merely the rounding up of a few ne'er-do-wells.

With all due respect, the world does not go on high alert if the Brits pick up two dozen pickpockets in Shepherd's Bush or Charing Cross Station. If you listen to the spokespeople for the jihad, it is exactly a clash of civilizations. Nothing else explains the chanting in the streets across the mideast, and the celebration of the shelling of Israel, the "Death to America" signs, and all the rest.

The sooner we draw a sober breath and recognize it as such, the sooner we can begin to build a world worthy of our forebears and safe for our children."