Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Who's the Pig in the Closet?

God help the poor, piggy senator behind the “secret hold” on S.2590.

Whoever this Porky Pig lawmaker is, you can take it to the bank that he/she isn’t getting much sleep these days. And, if this senator is sleeping (with the help of handfuls of Ambien no doubt), they’re likely dreaming of a way out of the wretched mess they created for themselves.

Here’s a question: Why in the world would any above-board lawmaker attempt to shelve this pork transparency legislation?

What’s so scary about a little old website that would allow voters to see where their own hard-earned tax dollars are going? What the heck are they so afraid of?

It’s great to see the power of the blogosphere on this one. Both sides have come together calling for an end to the earmark madness. As Martha is apt to saying, “This is a good thing.”

From Glenn Reynolds of both Porkbusters and Instapundit (who deserves credit for spearheading this whole thing) to the fiscally responsible Club for Growth’s Andy Roth, all the way across the political spectrum to the lefties over at Daily Kos, bloggers have spoken in one unified voice and have issued their edict: NO MORE PORK.

It isn’t everyday that you see virtually unanimous agreement from the left and right. But, when you do, whenever both sides of our polarized, political divide rally together against an “as-yet” unidentified lawmaker; whenever red and blue voters join hands and turn purple in a common cause, well, you’ve just got to know that they’re on to something.

After all, this is our money lawmakers are playing around with, not theirs. Much of Washington seems to have forgotten this fact, which is why cancerous pork-barrel earmarking skyrocketed to around 13,000 earmarks this year, costing taxpayers $64 billion dollars. It is also the reason why some shady senator sees fit to put a secret hold on valuable legislation that would help clean up this earmark nightmare.

When you consider the resounding success of President Bush’s tax cuts, and all the money that’s been pouring into the Treasury as a result, you’ve got to shake your head in disbelief and think: Had their been some fiscal accountability in Congress this year, some tightening of the budget belt, we’d be in a far better budgetary position.

God help this poor lawmaker. Porky may get roasted.