Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Good for Senator McCain

Sen. John McCain has publicly called for 20,000 more troops in Iraq to get the job done and retake control from the rogue militias and the death squads - including fat boy al-Sadr.

In an interview with the Manchester, New Hampshire Union Leader over the weekend, Sen. McCain also called for a larger U.S. Army and Marine Corps—to the tune of an additional 100,000 troops. I completely agree with McCain on these issues. He is absolutely dead in the water right.

So far as I know, he is one of the only public officials to make this call on Iraq—perhaps the only one.

Instead of talking withdrawal, he is talking about winning the war. And again, he is dead right.

What is more, Sen. McCain has patched up his differences with former Sen. Phil Gramm. The former Republican Senator from Texas has become McCain’s number one economic advisor. Gramm is a sure shot to become Treasury Secretary in a McCain administration.

This is excellent news because Gramm gets it right on the economic issues.

McCain advisor Kevin Hassett of the American Enterprise Institute has been pushing for elimination or sharp reduction in the corporate tax. This is an excellent idea.

Good for senator McCain—on the war and the economy.