Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Which Candidate...

So, Mitt Romney is out attacking John McCain for being disingenuous on gay marriage.

But the question I want answered is who is the real supply side candidate in the 2008 GOP presidential race?

Which candidate will simplify the tax code to make it the size of a postcard?

Which candidate will abolish all the inefficient and targeted tax credits and tax subsidies so that we could afford a single flat tax rate somewhere around 15 to 20 percent?

Which candidate is going to stop the multiple taxation of savings and investment?

Which candidate will abolish the corporate income tax where compliance costs exceed revenue yields over time?

And, for those of you worried about wage inequality, there’s no better solution than abolishing the corporate income tax. Seventy percent of it is paid for by company’s wage earners and 30 percent is paid by investors.

In other words, if corporate tax costs to Uncle Sam is abolished, then more profits can be returned to wage earners in that company.

John McCain has said some good things, but so far, I haven't seen near enough discussion from the other candidates about real tax reform or a true pro-growth agenda to expand the American economy’s potential value.