Monday, October 08, 2007

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Kudlow has his eye on Matthews for Tuesday’s CNBC debate
October 8, 1:34 AM

Softer ‘Hardball’?

After Yeas & Nays brought you the story of some pointed political remarks by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Thursday night, there’s been plenty of fallout, including some questions being raised about Matthews’ moderating of Tuesday’s GOP debate in Detroit.

The debate will be broadcast on CNBC, so we decided to ask CNBC’s Larry Kudlow for his thoughts on Matthews’ comments.

“It was a stupid, stupid thing to say,” said Kudlow, responding to Matthews’ comment that the Bush administration has “finally been caught in their own criminality.” Kudlow acknowledged Matthews was a friend of his but said, “He can go off the deep end at times.”

As for Matthews’ moderating Tuesday’s debate, Kudlow said, “I hope he will be on his best behavior.” Otherwise, Kudlow, who hosts the post-debate show on CNBC, said, “I’ll rap him very, very hard.”

When Yeas & Nays asked Vice President Dick Cheney’s office for comment, we simply were told, “We wish Chris good luck with his book.”

Matthews’ “Life is a Campaign” hit bookshelves last week.