Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Viewer Email

Here's a kind email sent last night by one of our viewers. I think he's caught the essence of what we're trying to do at Kudlow & Company. Incidentally, we're moving to the 7pm CNBC slot tomorrow night.

Subject: Kudlow's Stock Rises

Kudlow & Co. is moving into prime time, 7 eastern, 4pm west coast time, on CNBC. The reason is a huge increase in ratings. Moreover, Kudlow will anchor the wrap-up of the Republican debate tomorrow night. The increase in viewership is not surprising given the wide ranging subjects he covers and the intellectual pro and con debates that occur.

I am not a supply-sider, and I disagree with Kudlow on some issues, and his cheerleading and references to "good Americans" makes me squirm at times, but the caliber of guests that he attracts is absolutely stellar.

The niche he has developed in the market is attracting some of the top people in the country. And from what I hear the top people in the country are tuning in as a must see. It gives us all a chance to hear views, both pro and con on subjects that need airing - that usually aren't - and in depth.

Kudlow is admittedly a cheerleader for free market capitalism, but has many Democratic friends and is open to a good argument. We have seen him change his mind right on air, and he admits when he has been wrong. He is also as capable of beating up conservatives as he is liberals.

Kudlow & co. is stimulating and refreshing, and I highly recommend taping it at its new time. It gets a little over the top at times but there is always more light than heat by the end of the show.

Paul Nathan