Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Night Lineup

On CNBC's Kudlow & Company at 7pm ET tonight:

RECESSION OR NOT?...Our stock market & economic guests will discuss and debate the issue on everyone's mind.

On board:

*Bob Stein, senior economist at First Trust Advisors
*Fritz Meyer, senior investment officer with A I M Advisors
*Michael Metz, chief investment strategist at Oppenheimer & Co.
*Gary Shilling, president of A. Gary Shilling & Co.

STOCK MARKET POLITICS...Steve Forbes, President & CEO of Forbes and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes magazine, will come aboard and debate Michael Metz, chief investment strategist at Oppenheimer & Co..

YOUR MONEY, YOUR VOTE...Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia will join us with an update from the UVA campus where Sen. Hillary Clinton spoke earlier today to one of his classes.

LAZEAR'S TAKE ON THE ECONOMY...Ed Lazear, chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, will join us with his take on economic conditions.

MONEY POLITICS...Our Washington to Wall Street panel will discuss and debate all the latest news and developments affecting investors and the economy, including what's shaping up in the presidential race.

On board:

*Steve Moore, senior economics writer for The Wall Street Journal and a member of its editorial board
*Robert Reich, Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley, former secretary of labor, & author of "Supercapitalism."
*Austan Goolsbee,University of Chicago economics professor & top economic advisor to Sen. Barack Obama.

Please join us at 7pm ET on CNBC for another free market edition of Kudlow & Company.