Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Terrorist Wake-Up Call

“My favorite quote from Trotsky is, ‘You may not have an interest in history, but history has an interest in you.’ The same goes for terrorism. These [presidential] candidates - maybe the American public, because we’ve been safe for so long – do not have an interest in the terrorism issue. The terrorists have an interest in us. And I’m pretty sure it’s going to be an issue again, unfortunately, in the future.” –Jimmy Pethokoukis, senior writer with U.S. News & World Report on last night’s Kudlow & Company.

These remarks are spot-on. Yesterday’s front-page story in The New York Times ought to be a big wake-up call. Al Qaeda has not gone away. According to Senate testimony from national intelligence director Mike McConnell, Al Qaeda is gaining strength in Pakistan with plans to carry out attacks here in the U.S.

While I recognize that the economy has replaced terrorism as the number one issue in voters’ minds right now, we must never lose sight of this ongoing threat. We can’t afford to. The greatest threat facing this country is not subprime, marginal tax rates, stimulus packages, etc. It’s our safety.

Whoever wins in November is going to have to confront this issue. The bad guys haven’t gone away.