Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday Night Lineup

On CNBC's Kudlow & Company at 7pm ET tonight:

THE STOCK MARKET & ECONOMY…Our market all-stars will discuss and debate all the latest news, trends and developments affecting investors including today’s big stock market rally.

On board:

*Jerry Bowyer, chief economist at Benchmark Financial
*Joe Battipaglia, market strategist, Stifel Nicolaus
*Dennis Kneale, CNBC media & technology editor

STEVENS GOES DOWN…We’ll discuss Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens indictment by a Washington federal grand jury on charges of hiding hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts he received. Joining us to discuss Stevens' indictment, as well as the political fallout, will be John Fund from the Wall Street Journal and David Goodfriend, political commentator and former Clinton aide.

PRIMARY POLITICS…Our political pros will provide their latest Washington to Wall Street perspective on the race between Obama and McCain. Joining us will be Scott Rasmussen, president of Rasmussen Reports and Frank Newport, editor in chief of the Gallup Poll.

DEVON ENERGY CEO…Larry Nichols, chief executive of Devon Energy, will weigh in with his thoughts on moving toward U.S. energy independence including the development of oil shale.

Please join us at 7pm ET on CNBC for another free market edition of Kudlow & Company.