Wednesday, December 10, 2008

BlueFire Spitfire

William Davis, a representative of a company called BlueFire Ethanol, sent me a rather interesting email this morning. He is up in arms over my characterization in a recent column that his company was looking for TARP money.

Mr. Davis claims his company wasn’t looking for government cash, as suggested in a recent Wall Street Journal story entitled, Nonbank Firms Like Avis Seek to Broaden U.S. Relief on Credit. However, in the context of that article, it sure looks like BlueFire was preparing to go hat-in-hand to the Treasury for a bit of TARP.

BlueFire may not have precisely made the request (we don’t know exactly what they told the reporter), but the way that story was written, it sure hints of their interest in securing a wee bit of Uncle Sam’s dough.

So, while I acknowledge that BlueFire may not have been precisely quoted for a TARP request, I do stand by my recent column.