Thursday, December 04, 2008

Dougie Talks Mustard Seeds

My old buddy Dougie Kass shed some interesting light this morning on the mustard seeds I’ve been drawing attention to of late.

In particular, Dougie, who made his name and a tidy fortune playing it from the bear camp, now sees some silver investment linings while other investors remain fixated on clouds. According to Doug, “I am increasingly confident that investments made in the next three to six months will look terrific one to two years from now.”

He also thinks a “once-in-a-generation short opportunity might now be occurring in the fixed-income markets” and has begun “gingerly” buying selected equities.

Also worth noting is that Doug just announced the formation of a new long/short fund. That’s a bullish signal considering his firm’s forte has always been playing the short side.

Doug is a good friend. He's a smart guy, a good guy, and his ideas are worth paying close attention to.