Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Despicable Decision

It was Federal District Judge Gabriel Gorenstein who released big-time, $50 billion dollar scam-artist/fraud/crook Bernard Madoff. He is the one who did it. This ruling allows Madoff to stay out of jail, even though he couldn't meet the original bail conditions that he provide four co-signers to his $10 million bond.

Write Judge Gorenstein. E-mail him. Call his office. (Contact info here.) Let him know what a terrible injustice he has done to every law-abiding citizen in this country, not to speak of the victims of this incredible fraud.
It is an outrage to me that Madoff is sitting back home in his luxurious $7 million Park Avenue pad after what he did to this country. What a joke. It is a complete and utter outrage.