Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Go Ahead MSM: Make My Day

Keep misunderestimating President George W. Bush as The Washington Post did this morning on its front page when it trashed Bush’s 9/11 speech to the nation.

In fact, after over a week of national security and terrorism speeches, the online betting parlor TradeSports.com is now showing a big GOP congressional gain.

The Senate GOP ‘06 contract is up to 84 from 78 just a few days ago. And most important, the House GOP contract is up to an unbelievable 46 today, compared to 38 just a few days ago. Especially for the House race, this is big news.

Suddenly, the generic GOP contract is back in the game. In the race. With big mo. (Glad I checked.)

And another important poll—the stock market—roared on the day after President Bush’s 9/11 speech. Stocks know that Bush is saving the country through lower tax rates for prosperity and a strong national security to protect us. This is big.

The tide may be turning.