Wednesday, September 27, 2006

On Last Night's Show

James Carville and Paul Begala had their talking points to defend Clinton's unseemly, unpresidential and politically damaging anger outburst, and the attack on Fox news.

They refused to address Clinton's false testimony on getting Osama and a real anti-terrorist attack plan. See Richard Miniter's op/ed in today's WSJ. See also Robert "Buzz" Patterson in Human Events and Dick Clarke's comments to the 9/11 commission.

(Here are a couple noteworthy comments I've received following last night's segment.)

Mr. Kudlow,

I appreciate your "open" show, with its viewpoints from all sides, but...well, let me just say that I had never muted your show until today.

Carville and Begala are simply too dishonest. Neither have a trace of ethics; both are utterly without shame. They specialize in the grain of truth, built into mountains of misrepresentation.

Very telling that Mr. Clinton would need these two, after his recent performance.

-Buddy Larsen

god, carville is a total lunatic and fake southerner

i suppose you could argue begala is worse because he tries to conceal his insanity with mediocrity

kudlow should have invited another clinton adviser: dick morris