Thursday, September 14, 2006

Moving in the Right Direction

Scott Rasmussen writes:

The political season has kicked into high gear this week and the initial news cycle features a bounce in President Bush's Job Approval ratings. Our numbers today show the President at 47%, up six points in a week and the best numbers he's enjoyed since mid-February. What's fueling this? The Republican base is coming home. Today, 85% of the GOP faithful voice approval of Bush's performance. Earlier this year, that level of support had fallen as low as 66%. Of course, it's still early. It's just one poll. It might be statistical noise or perhaps a temporary bounce following the 9/11 activities and the President's recent speeches. However, it might also be an early signal that the White House strategy to re-focus the debate is starting to energize the base. Only time will tell.

(Note: On top of the Bush surge, the House GOP 2006 contract over at TradeSports is still climbing higher. The last trade was made at 52. That's an unbelievably bullish 14-point move so far this week.)