Friday, December 15, 2006

China to Attack North Korea?

Big news story here:

China has begun drawing up plans to attack North Korea, according to the Paris-based Intelligence Online newsletter.

Hu Jintao, head of the Central Military Commission, has ordered the Chinese military to draw up the attack plan as a move "deliberately meant as a threat to the regime of Kim Jong-Il." The report said the plan was leaked to sources close to Western intelligence in Hong Kong.

The action follows China's displeasure at the Oct. 9 nuclear test, which Hu regarded as a snub to the International Affairs Leadership Group that he has headed since 2003...

As I wrote back in October:

[Regime change in North Korea] would be a very good thing. It even suggests that President Bush’s policies of Chinese diplomacy and U.N. trade sanctions might actually work. Under this coup plotting scenario, perhaps there would be economic liberalization in North Korea.