Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Richardson in 2008

Why aren’t more people talking up Governor Bill Richardson as the non-Hillary, real moderate Democrat in the 2008 race?

We interviewed him on the show just last week. Richardson is a very solid guy with an equally solid résumé.

Voters in New Mexico just re-elected him by huge margins; he’s a former U.N. ambassador, former House member, and former Secretary of Energy. So, unlike Barack Obama, who has only been in the Senate for a couple of years, Richardson’s obviously got a track record and wealth of experience.

This includes important areas like nuclear weapons, foreign affairs and energy.

To top it off, he’s a pro-growth, tax cutting Democrat who happens to be pro-balanced immigration. He is also fairly hawkish.

Sure, he’s more liberal than I might like, but Bill Richardson looks downright conservative when compared to lefty Obama.