Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tuesday Night Lineup

On tap tonight:

We're going to start the show with "The Mother of All Surprises" - a look at the new Newsweek article showing Iraq's economy is not only growing strong, it's actually booming in places.

On board to discuss this amazing story:

* Fred Bergsten, Director of the Peterson Institute of International Economics
* David Malpass, Chief Global Economist of Bear Stearns
* Elizabeth MacDonald, Senior editor at Forbes magazine

General Alexander Haig will offer his perspective on the next step in Iraq.

A bear vs. bull stock market debate between bullish Forbes magazine senior editor Elizabeth MacDonald and bearish Herb Greenberg, senior columnist for MarketWatch and CNBC contributor.

How to build a "terror-free" portfolio with Sarah Steelman, State Teasurer of Missouri and Forbes' Elizabeth MacDonald.

(Click here to read Ms. Steelman's recent Wall Street Journal op-ed piece on choosing to invest terror-free.)

Kudlow's Stock Club will feature stock pro Chris Brown tonight. Mr. Brown is the portfolio manager of PAX World Balanced Fund.