Monday, February 12, 2007

Lefty Royal

Ségolène Royal, the French socialist presidential candidate, unveiled an incredibly left wing economic platform yesterday—one that includes a large buildup of state subsidized housing, higher taxes and boosting pension payments and the minimum wage.

Unfortunately, most of the MSM is talking about how feminine and unorthodox she is—everything, except her hard left policies. Even the Wall Street Journal ran a semi-favorable profile of her.

The International Herald Tribune had the best article – "Ségolène Royal unveils far-left economic campaign platform."

Royal was quoted saying “the unfettered rein [sic] of financial profit is intolerable for the general interest.” She wants fewer inequalities and wants to tax companies more. She also attacked the European Central Bank for focusing too much on inflation, not enough on employment and growth.

The MSM should give equal time to Nicolas Sarkozy.

Sarkozy is a free enterpriser—a tax cutting, law and order, pro American capitalist. Sarkozy would cut taxes across the board to spur France’s economy. He has a sizable lead of 6-8-percentage points in the May election.

Message to MSM – liberate Nick Sarkozy.