Monday, February 26, 2007

"No Rightful Heir"

A terrific Investors Business Daily editorial called "No Rightful Heir":

The Presidency: As the race for the White House begins, a sad but inescapable fact emerges: None of the candidates with a serious chance firmly believes in the principles of either Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush…

They single out the big three (Giuliani, McCain, and Romney) plus Sam Brownback and even Newt Gingrich, as guilty of variations of big government conservatism.

It’s a very thoughtful and troubling editorial which echoes my own concerns.

Not only do Americans want to win the war in Iraq according to recent polls, but none of the candidates with the possible exception of McCain are talking about winning the war.

What’s more, not a single candidate in either party is pro-stock market and pro-investor class. In recent elections, two of every three voters own stocks. Investors are the most powerful political group in the country, but none of the candidates so far are reaching out to them.

This is very troubling.