Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Poll: Most American Adults Rate Labor Unions Negatively

Good op-ed in today's New York Sun:

"...while many Democratic politicians still view labor unions as critical for the middle-class, objective public opinion polls have reached a different conclusion. A Harris Interactive survey found that "Most American adults overall, most employed adults and, surprisingly, many union households rate labor unions negatively." The poll, which was taken after the recent spate of corporate scandals, said that respondents even rated corporate America more positively than labor unions.

If workers are browbeaten, intimidated, and harassed into joining a labor union, they might start blaming the political party behind the bill for all of the chaos at their workplace.

As we have found out so far, the Employee Free Choice is a bill that will take a long time to actually pass. If that day ever does come, it might haunt Democrats well into the future."