Thursday, September 06, 2007

The President & Senator Backbone Address Surge Success

Drudge is featuring a remark President Bush made yesterday during his visit to Australia. Responding to the Deputy Prime Minister's inquiry of how his recent surprise trip went in Iraq, Mr. Bush told him, “We’re kicking ass.”

Well, he’s right. The Petraeus surge is working. (Even the dreary MSM shows signs of finally coming around...)

Meanwhile, Senator John McCain was crisp, clear, and confident in last night’s GOP debate -– and he was absolutely right on the money about the troop surge’s success in Iraq.

Governor Romney’s line that the surge was “apparently” working was off the mark. It was inappropriate. Kudos to Senator Backbone for calling him out on it and responding that, “The surge is working, not 'apparently.'"

Right on to President Bush and John McCain for hanging tough.

You’re gaining ground.