Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday Night Lineup

On CNBC's Kudlow & Company this evening:

Bob Pisani will deliver an update on today's market action from the NYSE.

STOCK MARKET & ECONOMY...Our panel will weigh in with their perspective on all the latest news and developments.

On board to discuss:

*Arthur Laffer, economist & chairman of Laffer Associates
*Joe LaVorgna, Deutsche Bank Chief U.S. Economist
*Jim LaCamp, portfolio manager & financial adviser for RBC Dain Rauscher

INTERNATIONAL MARKETS...On to discuss recent events in Japan, Russia and elsewhere are David Malpass, Bear Stearns chief economist and Bob Hormats, Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs International.

FED DEBATE...Squaring off will be John Browne, editor of and Jerry Bowyer, National Review Online contributor & author of "The Bush Boom."

TAX HIKES AHEAD?...On to debate are Washington analyst Jim Lucier and Heather Boushey from the Center for Economic & Policy Research.

Please join us for another free market edition of Kudlow & Company at 5pm ET on CNBC.