Monday, September 17, 2007

Supply-Side Battle

“…A new generation of supply-side business economists has proved the most prescient on Wall Street. David Malpass, Don Luskin, Brian Wesbury, and Michael Darda now serve up the most incisive—and profitable—analyses. But far from being “monomaniacal” or marching in lock-step, supply-siders have for the last decade engaged in spirited debate over monetary policy. The most interesting Wall Street and monetary debates these days are happening within the loose arena of supply-siders, often on Larry Kudlow’s nightly CNBC show, which entertains by far the most sophisticated economic discussions found anywhere on television…”
– Excerpt from The Big Boom by The Discovery Institute’s Bret Swanson -- a response to Jonathan Chait’s new anti supply-side book.

A big thank you to Bret Swanson for the hat tip. Another hat tip goes out to Don Luskin for featuring it on his excellent website, "The Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid."

(By the way, I have yet to read Jonathan Chait’s anti supply-side book. But I will read it and will respond to the attacks.)

But be sure to read “The Big Boom” piece by Bret Swanson. It’s excellent. And so is Don Luskin’s response to Chait on his website.