Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Night Lineup

On CNBC's Kudlow & Company this evening:

Bob Pisani will get things started with a recap of today's action from the NYSE.

MARKETS & THE ECONOMY...Our panel will debate all the latest news and developments.

On board:

*John Rutledge, chairman of Rutledge Capital
*Gary Shilling, president of A. Gary Shilling & Co.
*Michael Ozanian, Forbes Magazine Sr. Editor.

OIL & THE ECONOMY...Gulf Oil CEO Joe Petrowski will join us to discuss.

Our market panel will stick around and weigh in with their perspective.

FED DEBATE...Former Federal Reserve Governors Wayne Angell and Lyle Gramley will take a look ahead at Tuesday's Fed meeting.

IRAN, IRAQ & PRESIDENT BUSH'S SPEECH TONIGHT...Tony Blankley, editorial page editor for The Washington Times will square off with Joe Cirincione, vice president for national security at the Center for American Progress.

Please join us at 5pm ET on CNBC for another free market edition of Kudlow & Company.