Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"Nifong & Fitzgerald's Prosecutorial Abuse"

From RealClearPolitics:

...Liberals rushed to condemn the Duke lacrosse players because they loved the narrative: rich white guys abuse poor black woman. Some furious backtracking is taking place as evidence of their innocence mounts. A new verb, to "nifong," has been coined. It's a synonym for "to frame."

Liberals also loved the original narrative in the Plame case: Bush aides persecute whistle blower. But the disclosure that Mr. Armitage was the source demolishes it as thoroughly as the DNA evidence has discredited Mr. Nifong.

Those who wonder why Mr. Nifong went forward with the Duke prosecution after receiving the DNA results should wonder also why Mr. Fitzgerald has persisted despite learning that no crime was committed when Ms. Plame's name was leaked, and that Mr. Armitage (who has not been indicted) was the leaker. Is to "fitzgerald" a synonym for to "nifong?"