Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Wednesday Night's Lineup


We'll begin with a look at the red hot stock market and the Goldilocks economy.

On board:

*Stefan Abrams, CIO at Trust Company of the West
*Elizabeth MacDonald, senior editor at Forbes magazine
*Author/Actor/Economist, Ben "Renaissance Man" Stein (Ben will stick around for the entire show...)

On the economic front:

*Nouriel Roubini, NYU Economics professor
*Jim Glassman, senior economist with JP Morgan Chase

A look at President Bush's op-ed in today's Wall Street Journal.

We'll start this off with a one-on-one interview with White House budget chief Rob Portman. Mr. Portman will be followed by:

*James Glassman, senior fellow for the American Enterprise Institute
*Jason Furman, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
*Ben Stein...

Tune into Kudlow & Company tonight- we're hitting on all cylinders...