Friday, November 02, 2007

Playing the Gender Card

Excerpt from Kathleen Parker's, "The pants vs. the pantsuit," in the San Francisco Chronicle:

"When you're leading the Democratic presidential race, as Sen. Hillary Clinton is, you might expect other candidates to focus their sharpest criticism your way.

Yet the spin coming out of the Clinton campaign is that the men were ganging up on Hillary. Sorry, but when girls insist on playing hardball with the boys, they don't get to cry foul - or change the game to dodge ball - when they get bruised.

...Getting a straight answer from Hillary is consistently challenging, as other candidates noted - hence the many "Hillary" references. Their "attacks" weren't only because Hillary leads the pack, but because she's cagey to a fault.

At times, Hillary's relationship to nuance borders on compulsion more than wisdom. If her husband triangulated, she pentagonates. She's been working so many sides for so long that she seems incapable of yes or no.

Hillary can handle the men just fine. What's giving her problems is Hillary."