Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Steve Conover has a few words for Lou Dobbs over at his blogsite today. And thanks for the kind words, Steve.

From The Skeptical Optimist:

"Yesterday I caught Lou Dobbs on CNN for the first time in months. Every time he worked his opinion about jobs into the conversation, he had the same look of contemptuous disgust on his face as he's had for a long time now. His unsurprising message, communicated in no uncertain terms via words and body language: Those evil old US corporations (full of "idiots") are still exporting high-paying jobs from America to the Asian communists.

Sadly, it was the same message I'd expected to hear from him. But I remain optimistic: I keep hoping someday Lou Dobbs will surprise me, and actually take a look at the employment numbers in a little more detail before deciding whether the companies driving our economy are still worthy of his contempt and disgust. That's why I plan to continue sampling his show on CNN frequently—specifically, every four months or so—before switching back to a more objective (and pleasant, and educational) experience with Larry Kudlow on CNBC—which I try to catch every weekday at 7pm Eastern, 6pm Central...."